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Become an African Naturalistas Distributor

African Naturalistas is one of the leading natural hair care brands originating from the continent of Africa, and expanding worldwide. We invite you to earn income for yourself and your business by being a part of our vision to be the biggest African Hair Products supplier worldwide

African Naturalistas products are for all kinds of hair (natural and relaxed), and all age ranges (both adult and children)

Our products are manufactured by an Advanced Cosmetic Scientist and Certified Trichologist to cater for hair care needs, and hair and scalp disorders. 

You can partner with us by either becoming a Mini or Major Distributor, as described below

I've been able to make profits selling African Naturalistas products and plough that back into growing my business.

I’ve been able to grow relationships with my customers because African Naturalistas is a brand that delivers.

Each customer that I have sold African Naturalistas to, never stops coming back for more

Olusola David-Elegbede

MummyMo Hair Care

Before you go ahead to view our Distributor packages, let me tell you why joining out team of Distributors is the best choice

Mini Distributor

These are for individuals, students, small businesses, salons, etc., interested in selling African Naturalistas products either as a means of making extra income or being a major source of income.

Initial Minimum purchase value – $500
Subsequent Minimum purchase value – $250

Major Distributor

This program is for individuals, small and big who want to take advantage of a greater buying power to get higher return on their investment. Distributors also have the advantage of selling in bulk to other resellers

Initial Minimum purchase value – $2000
Subsequent Minimum purchase value – $1000

We’ve been Distributors of African Naturalistas products for 10 years, and products are efficient, affordable and profitable. African Naturalistas has been instrumental in our growth and development. We expanded from 4 chairs to 14 chairs and a new location because of profits made from selling African Naturalistas Products

Omozo Ogunronbi

O’Naturals Beauty Nig Ltd

You should join our Exclusive Distributor Team because our Products...

Help you make money back fast

With an Investment of $250, you don't struggle to make your money back. You just need to sell 16 to 20 products to make your money and profit

Are made by a Cosmetic Scientist and Trichologist

African Naturalistas products are manufactured by a Cosmetic Scientist and Certified Trichologist. This means that all our products are made with knowledge backed by science of hair, and science of cosmetics. This is why they work so well

Are NAFDAC-Approved

Our products are approved by NAFDAC, and manufactured in Lagos in a NAFDAC inspected. This goes to show that every product you get from us is safe and healthy. This also enables us easily expand beyond our immediate environment, and reach the whole world

Have a very Wide Range

When you get our products, you are not limited by age or function. With our products, you do not need to go to another brand to meet a need we are not meeting. We have products for all ages and all sorts of hair issues such as Scalp Issues, Hair Loss Issues, Hair Growth Issues, etc

Work... with results to show

The results our products generate speak for themselves. All the testimonials on our page are real. Our products deliver the promised solutions to our clients.

Work for all types of Hair

Whether the hair is relaxed or natural, our products for all hair types, as long as the goal is to achieve healthy hair

Have stood the Test of Time

In our 12 years of existence, we have always come through for our customers. We have been consistent through the years, and always have products available, and have never failed out customers in meeting up their demands

I’ve been an African Naturalistas stockist since the salon opened in 2016. All my customers rave about the Products and they always come back to buy, which is really good for my bottom line

Tomi Ismaila

Sisi Jacobs Natural Hair Salon

Before I became addicted to African Naturalistas hair care product, I had tried out other products, but my hair didn't love them because I still experienced breakage, and my edges were not growing. But since I started using African Naturalistas deep conditioner, anti-breakage hair lotion, and edge restoring cream, my hair texture and edges are making me proud.

Veronica Odogwu

Lagos Nigeria

Meet the Founder of African Naturalistas

Hi! I am Atilola, the founder of African Naturalistas, The Good Hair Tribe, and AN Training School.

I am an certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Scientist from the Institute of Personal Care Science, Australia, and a member of Society of Cosmetic Scientists, Nigeria and International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists.

I am a Board-Certified Trichologist with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. With my varied expertise, I am making more healthy Hair Products and Hair Care Literacy services available to men and women all over the world, with her company, African Naturalistas, registered both in the United States of America and Nigeria.

I am the founder of AN Training school, where I train entrepreneurs in the beauty industry on how to grow their cosmetic business, the founder and lead coach at The Good Hair Tribe, and Trichologist at African Naturalistas Hair Clinic.

About African Naturalistas Products

In the year 2012, our founder realised that the products available in Nigeria were expensive and not affordable by most women. They and were not compatible with our unique kind of hair as Africans. She started creating and selling African Naturalistas products to bridge these gaps. We believe you don’t need to break the bank in order to have beautiful  Hair.

Every single African Naturalistas product you come across is made up of ingredients and packaging materials which are locally sourced. Our aim to empower our local businesses, and raw materials suppliers, while not compromising on quality and product effectiveness

African Naturalistas products are manufactured and packaged in Nigeria, in a NAFDAC Inspected and approved factory at Ajah, Lagos Nigeria.

We are the vision to ensure our hair products are available to our users everywhere in Africa and worldwide, and we need you to help us fulfil this vision by joining our Team of Distributors


Frequently Asked Questions

Click on any of the buttons on this page, and you will be redirected to the form to fill

We review all distributor applications as they come. We typically respond to all applications for distributorship within 1 working day

Absolutely! We list our distributors on all our Social Media Pages, including Highlights, and Website, so our customers can find you at anytime

As of now, we are signing up Distributors in all countries and regions. We constantly get demand for our products all over the world, and we need you to meet up with that demand

While we expect you as a Distributor to invest in marketing and pushing our products, we also refer customers to our Distributors, as long as we can confirm that you have the requested products.

This is dependent on the level of Distributorship you sign up for. On the average, we expect that Domestic Distributors in Nigeria will restock products once in two to three months.

We do not offer Sole Distributorship for Domestic Distributors in Nigeria. However, for International Distributors, we can work out arrangement for Sole Distributorship based on certain Terms and Conditions

Currently, we take Two to Five Distributors per state. This is dependent on the percentage of customers we have in that state, which is determined by our Customer Data

Yes you can! However, we believe this should not affect your drive and motivation to push and sell African Naturalistas Products

If you are on our team of Distributors, you must sell at our recommended Retail Price. However, you can choose to sell at your own preferred price. This means we will not refer customers to you, and you won’t be listed on our channels as a Distributor

Once we notice that you are no longer stocking our products, or not usually having our essential products, we will delist you as a Distributor, in order not to create confusion for our customers. However, we will always relist you when you restock

Selling our products is very profitable. For example, if you invest N50,000 in restocking products, all you need to do is sell an average of 16 to 20 products to make your money back. This is so simple and easy that you will keep coming back for more.

To join our Team of Distributors and get all the perks attached to it, you need to sign up to the Team. However, if you do not wish to join the team, you can place your wholesale orders without having to sign up. This means we won’t refer customers to you, and you are not bound by any conditions to reorder



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