Over the past 9 years, I have helped many ladies grow their hair long, and it all started when I learnt to work on my own hair. My name is Atilola, and I currently have a head full of long healthy luscious hair, which I recently converted to long locs. But my story didn’t start like this. I used to have long chemically processed hair. And just like many other women, my hair became limp and lifeless along the way. I had to cut it, and start all over again, but still making some common mistakes with chemicals. I then cut it again, went on locs, and cut it again, before starting my journey to healthy hair, this time becoming very intentional about my hair care routine and regimen. Voila… I went from no hair to waist length hair in less than four years.
Ever since I embarked on a journey to cater for my own hair, I have since become a hair care professional. I started a very robust hair care blog, became a certified advanced cosmetic scientist, and a board-certified Holistic Practitioner of Trichology. I have brought relief to many women through our hair clinic, and hair care products. We have given free personalised hair care regimen to everyone who visited our hair clinic for trichology consultations, and I am happy that women are smiling better and confident with their hair, as a result of the help we have been able to offer them. I know there are many women who need my help, just like other ladies I have helped, but for one reason or the other, such as location, cannot get to our hair clinic to get their regimens personalised, and cannot get our hair care products, which are currently not available all over the world. Thanks to the power of the internet, the world is now a very small place, and I can help many more women achieve their goal of healthy hair. And this all started just because I paid attention to my story. I have helped myself. I have helped many other women, and I can help you too. Get your own personalised hair care regimen.