Atilola Moronfolu is the founder and CEO of African Naturalistas. She is a Certified Trichologist, certified cosmetic formulator, hair consultant, natural hair care specialist, consultant on product choices, and board certified and accredited through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Atilola is extremely passionate about health hair, and because of this, has embarked on creating an industry that would make healthy hair and scalp a possibility for everyone who desires to achieve it in Nigeria.

She has appeared on several workshops, seminars, TV and radio programs to educate people about the reality of healthy hair choices.

Atilola also has a certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science with the Institute of Personal Care Science, Australia. With this, she is making more healthy hair products available to men and women in Nigeria, in the form of African Naturalistas range of Hair Products.

Atilola is currently one of the leading voices in the healthy and natural hair care movement in Nigeria, and the consultant at African Naturalistas Hair clinic, the pioneer hair clinic, where they diagnose, and treat or manage over 50 hair and scalp disorders, working closely with clients to achieve the goals of healthy hair. She is the author of the Intensive Hair Care Regimen e-books and calendar, and has one e-book on hair care.

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