What some of my Clients say...

In the little time I have known Atilola, she has helped me realize many factors that affected the healthy growth of my hair. She has guided me on how to develop a regimen for healthy natural hair, on how to minimize breakage, dos and don'ts to achieve healthy long natural hair. I have been able to understand my hair porosity and what best works for it through her guidance. Now I understand better the science behind hair and how best to treat my hair to achieve my long, healthy hair goal. I also need to add that I got the African Naturalistas regimen for damaged hair and I have been diligent with it. I can see results already and I can't wait to smash all my hair goals for 2020.
Onyinye Okoye
Lagos, Nigeria

Atilola knows her onions to the core and I can't believe she shares this knowledge for free. I have paid a lot to be coached by hair coaches, and what I have gotten is nowhere at all compared to what Atilola freely gives. She dissects each matter with such intricacy and energy. She's clearly driven by passion to help people grow healthy hair without the monetary gain being her main focus. She captures all the different types of hairs in her analysis and I love that because everyone's hair is not the same. I can boldly testify that all that I have learnt Atilola and effected in my hair care journey have been tested over time and have shown tremendous results. I can't thank you enough Atilola.

Tumininu Onamade
Lagos, Nigeria
Every time Atilola offers her expertise on hair care, I am wowed! She is not just a hair care specialist wannabe, she is trained and fully grounded in the knowledge of her trade. I love the fact that she does not try to force her products on you, but offers you proper diagnosis and treatment. Her methods are scientifically tailored to your needs and she is the most dedicated specialist I have met; dedicated to helping you achieve long and healthy hair. If you think your hair is written off, then try Atilola.
Adeboro Odunlami
Abuja, Nigeria
Atilola’s consultations are very interesting and informative. I have managed to put into practise most of the teachings, and some times, before my wash days, I go back to listen to some of the messages. I have noticed my baby hairs have started coming out around my edges, and my hair is not as dry as it used to be. I have noticed the hair length has improved, and still waiting to achieve more from here on. Thanks Atilola
Nosa Ehigie
Nosa Ehigie
Abuja, Nigera
I met at the time I was seriously struggling with managing my short and very hard natural hair.. my friends would always call my hair “aggressive Afro” lol. What drew me to Atilola was her in-depth knowledge about natural hair, and the patience with which she explained how to go about the natural hair journey, every time I called her. I now take care of my natural hair as a routine, and it’s almost a reflexive action. Thank you Atilola
Abanii Uche
Abuja, Nigeria
Atilola’s passion tends towards helping people achieve their hair goals with her knowledge, expertise and professionalism. I have tremendously gleaned from her wealth of knowledge as a trichologist. I'm a professional hair stylist, and am now more profound, thanks to Atilola’s tutorship. My knowledge about hair has been broadened through her teachings. I have been through the series of hair related issues with women. Being a salon owner/hair stylist, I have seen a lot of damaged hair, scalp disorder, receding edges, alopecia which cut across both teenagers and adult. Atilola’s continual unraveling of the mystery of healthy hair to me has helped me served my clients better.
Tosin Popoola
Lagos, Nigeria
Atilola is such a wonderful person. She is someone who will teach you how to go about your hair journey in order to retain length and how to generally care for your hair. If you have any questions about hair challenges, Atilola will make sure you are well attended to, not because she wants to sell her hair products but because she cares, and she is an expert in her profession has a trichologist. Atilola has helped, and is still helping me in my hair journey. As long as you follow all the instructions and hair care regimen she provides, your hair will thank you for it.
Veronica Odogwu
Lagos, Nigeria
If you want a hair regimen that works for healthy good hair growth, then Atilola is your plug. My daughter's hair used to be scanty and unhealthy before I got Atilola's e-book on healthy hair regime. Despite my laziness and unfaithful with the daily hair care, my daughter's hair is now grown and healthy. Atilola’s expertise in hair care and management is compared to none. She's a hair “doctor”, if I'm permit to use the word. I give it to her
Oluwakorede Oluwadunke
Lagos, Nigeria
Being a natural hairstylist, knowledge is power and continuous improvement is key!! I’ve spent some time under Atilola’s expertise, and I have learnt so much. I must confess Atilola knows her onions!!! Gadammit!! She is a professional to the core. She takes the most serious hair and scalp issues and breaks them down to the most basic level. Her passion for healthy natural hair is unrivalled!! Thank you Atilola!! Thank you African Naturalista for being so passionate and selfless.
Happiness Okorie
Enugu, Nigeria
Atilola is a Hair Care Guru. Her teachings are impactful and memorable. She has made me to understand how to pamper and care for my own hair unlike before. For example, I cannot practice the act of putting egg on my hair anymore. Now I know that my hair should be moisturized.
Nneka Ononaku
Lagos, Nigeria
Atilola’s general knowledge of natural hair and hair care is extensive. She is definitely a natural hair professor and academic. The science and the application of her knowledge is superb.
Tinu Lamai
United Kingdom
Atilola is the first trichologist I know, and she has helped in my journey to retain length. Before I met her I was doing trial and error, but since I started following her instructions, my hair has improved greatly. I now use a satin bonnet which is something I would not have done in my other pre-Atilola life. And my hair is now easier to manage and more moisturized.
Emiene Erameh
Abuja, Nigeria
Before working with Atilola, my hair was usually oiled or creamed by the hairdresser, I only oil my edges from time to time. I have however learnt from Atilola that my hair should not be dry and my edges should be protected. Atilola also taught me the technique of hair washing. I used to wash with only shampoo and conditioner, but with Atilola’s guidance, there are beautiful products other than these two that I now include in my hair wash set. I have also learnt to section my hair to get the desired result..
Busola Oluwaseun
Lagos, Nigeria

I came across African Naturalistas when I decided to embark on my natural hair journey. I never understood why all my friends had thick full hair which could grow should length but I could not. I was not that impatient but I just struggled even if I did exactly what all my friends did.

A friend encouraged me to follow African Naturalista for natural hair ideas. The problem is I was in South Africa and they were in Nigeria. So I bought all the natural oils and butters but my hair still struggled so I resorted to braiding day in day out. I lost my hair line and my hair never looked healthy even after I removed the braids.

Then I got Atilola’s “Intensive Hair Care Regimen”. I followed religiously even though I did not have the products from African Naturalistas. Six weeks later, my hair is thicker and I have started seeing the texture of my hair. I am very impressed with the texture and now my friends are starting to ask me for advice. Thank you Atilola.

Gladys Nagabala
South Africa
I lost a lot of hair last year due to bad hair practices and somehow I ended up not making any progress through 2019. I started learning from Atilola in 2020. I've learnt a lot about how to care for my hair and how to manage my hair issues better. Between January and now May, 2020, I've already seen more progress and gained more length than I did the whole of 2019
Mayowa Adeyemi
Lagos Nigera
Being under Atilola’s tutorship has opened my eyes to interesting aspects of hair. She is inspiring. The knowledge gathered and learnt from her is so valuable, though she gives freely. Because of Atilola, I know if I have a bad hair day, or if my hair isn’t growing on the right path, I always have a hair whisperer I can text to give me the secret to fixing it.
Beverly Ihejieto
Benin City, Nigera
Atilola opened my eyes to how to take care of my hair better, I saw where I was at fault, and I was able to retrace my steps. Atilola is someone who cares for her clients, she wants her clients to embrace their natural hair journey and love their hair as their pride. She is selfless and she teaches at no cost. She gives the best advice when it comes to natural hair. Once you get her for consultations, all your hair problems are solved.
Opeyemi Alo
Owerri, Nigera
When I started my natural hair journey I was at a loss for what products to use. I searched online and discovered African Naturalistas. The name was quite fascinating and I didn't realise it was owned by a Nigerian. I haven't met Atilola in person but I belong to a tribe of women whom she has helped to take better care of their hair. Atilola is a very detailed and precise person who takes her time to not only tutor but also answer myriads of hair questions from her tribers. I am indeed grateful. I have better knowledge of hair care management and my hair, as well as my daughter's hair, is doing very well. I recently purchased a hair care regimen book from her which I currently use as a daily guide for my daughter and I.
Ejiro Adekoya
Lagos, Nigera
I have a 15yrs old daughter that struggled with what I thought was dandruff. I kept trying out different hair treatments with no success until I met Atilola who is ever ready to stop and talk to you about anything that concerns hair. I told her about my daughter’s challenge. She was knowledgeable enough to narrow it down to seborrheic dermatitis, which we’ve been able to manage greatly with her help. We know now not to use hair extensions and avoid hair styles that will trigger it, all thanks to Atilola. Atilola encouraged me to start growing my natural hair, and i have been on it for over a year now, my hair touches up to my nose length when pulled. I have learnt a lot on hair care from her. Being coached by her has made my journey with natural hair a hitch free one.
Theresa Unaam
Lagos, Nigera
Atilola’s Hair care expertise is the best. Atilola’s teachings really helped me to understand how products work, and why I have not been having desired results in the past. She understands the science of hair and delivers with personality. I have become a teacher now due to the knowledge she impacted in me
kemi shetty
Kemi Shettuu
Osun, Nigera
My personal journey with Atilola began in January of 2020, I was far away in the US. I started receiving audio notes on managing natural hair, from her. She taught me about creating the greenhouse effect on the hair. She described how she would moisturize her hair while in flights and in cold climates. I tried it, and I was very impressed. When the lockdown began and we could not go out to hair salons, with tears in my eyes as I write this, she became a life saver. She answered all the rudimentary questions I asked without laughing at me. For Eight weeks while I was home, I followed her advice and her tips. My hair is now flourishing. I’m very impressed that she shares so much information with me, at no extra cost. She is really an icon in the business of making our natural hair flourish.
tobore ojumah
Tobore Ojumah
Lagos, Nigera
Atilola has taught me a lot about hair care, from how to wash my hair, detangle my hair; the LOC treatment (I feel so smart knowing that now), how to get rid of dandruff. The list goes on and on. I have learnt so much and I am still learning now. I actually believe my hair can grow long and healthy and I am willing to go the full mile with it. Thank you Atilola, you are a great teacher. If you need to know how to care for your hair, Atilola is your plug
Chika Faith
Lagos, Nigeria
The first time I heard of Atilola was through the Facebook page African Naturalistas. I had been natural since 2015, but never really understood many hair care problems. Everything was fine until 2017 when I started experiencing Emotional, Physical and Medical problems, this affected my hair drastically. By 2019. I decided to consult Atilola, since she was the only hair trichologist I had heard of. I called and we set up an appointment, she was pregnant at the time but this didn't slow her down. She was pleasant, patient, professional and knowledgeable about my issues. She conducted the hair test and asked questions, we discussed like we have been friends for years. She explained how the problems I was going through were affecting my hair growth. She advised that I had to take care of myself from the inside to get the desired changes I wanted for my hair. She then advised on products from the African Naturalistas starter pack which I purchased. My hair has greatly improved. I admire her commitment to hair care and I am glad that our paths have crossed. She has helped me resolve so many natural hair myths that I had concerns about. Atilola you are a gift to Naturalistas.
Valerie Akhabue
Lagos, Nigera
Because of Atilola’s guidance, I now know the oils that are best for my hair and I am able to distinguish between scalp issues and take care of my hair accordingly.
Olusola David-Elegbede
Lagos, Nigeria


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