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African Naturalistas Sales Officer Membership Administrator Dispatch Rider Office Assistant Learning Administrator Social Media Manager


We are looking to fill the roles below

1. Membership Administrator (FULL TIME REMOTE)
2. Learning Administrator (FULL TIME REMOTE)
3. Sales Closer (FULL TIME REMOTE)
4. Sales Officer (FULL TIME ON-SITE)
5. Office Assistant (FULL TIME ON-SITE)
6. Dispatch Rider (FULL TIME ON-SITE)
7. Social Media Manager (PART TIME REMOTE)
8. Intern: Learning Assistant (PART TIME REMOTE)

Click any of the links below to see the Job Descriptions of your desired role, and apply

Distributor Manager (FULL TIME)
Membership Administrator (FULL TIME REMOTE)
Learning Administrator (FULL TIME REMOTE)
Sales Officer (FULL TIME ON-SITE)
Office Assistant (FULL TIME ON-SITE)
Dispatch Rider (FULL TIME ON-SITE)
Intern: Learning Assistant (PART TIME REMOTE)
Social Media Manager (PART TIME REMOTE)


I started using African Naturslistas products in October 2019. The jojoba oil was one of the first products I bought. I was coming from a tired hair care part of my life because I suffer from seborrheic dermatitis and I wanted products that were of good quality and not adulterated. I used African Naturalistas jojoba oil as my only carrier oil for 6 months, and my hair testified of its goodness. My scalp stayed healthy and my hair grew very nicely.


Before I became addicted to African Naturalistas hair care product, I had tried out other products, but my hair didn't love them because I still experienced breakage, and my edges were not growing. But since I started using African Naturalistas deep conditioner, anti-breakage hair lotion, and edge restoring cream, my hair texture and edges are making me proud.

Vera Odogwu Lagos

The first time i came about African Naturalistas product was on Konga, I just started my natural hair journey and was looking for products to buy, I got the Shampoo, Conditioner and Deep Conditioner, OMG!! You have to smell the product, it has a nice smell, and I saw that my hair became softer especially with the Deep Conditioner.

Opeyemi Alo Imo
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