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Pureformula is making Ready-to-Label Hair Products available to Brands
Pureformula is making Ready-to-Label Hair Products available to Brands

Atilola Moronfolu, the innovative mind behind African Naturalistas and The Good Hair Tribe, has recently launched a new venture: Pureformula. This private labeling manufacturing company, introduced in May 2024, aims to simplify the manufacturing process for its customers, enabling them to concentrate on brand-building and product sales.

Pureformula stands out in the market by offering ready-to-label products that customers can easily order from their website. The process is straightforward: customers purchase the products, brand them, and then sell them. This service is particularly beneficial for celebrities, hair influencers, salon brands, lifestyle brands, and personal brands.

On Pureformula's user-friendly website, customers can select their desired products, specify quantities, choose packaging types, colors, and fragrances. The products are then delivered ready for branding. Additionally, customers have the option to buy products in bulk and fill them into their own packaging. This flexibility and ease of use make Pureformula a convenient solution for those looking to enter the market with minimal hassle.

For more information and to explore their offerings, visit their website at

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